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Hot Blonde Girl Caught With Hand Down Her Pants

This hot blonde girl was caught with her hand down her pants in this hidden camera footage. The secret filming caught the hot girl touching herself as she talked on the phone. You can't hear what she was saying but she was obviously having phone sex with someone. She started off by touching herself through her clothing before her hand disappeared right down her pants. You could still see the movement of her hand under her pants as she played with her pussy.

Girl Caught With Hand Down Her Pants

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I'm not sure exactly where this video came from and sometimes it's best not to ask! What I do know is that it is part of a bigger collection of videos of girls caught masterbating. The collection has been put together over a number of years and is the best you can find on the net. You can download this collection of videos on this link...

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Girl Caught Fingering Her Pussy On Camera

This college girl was caught fingering her pussy on camera by her male roommate and he posted it on the Internet. The girl was sharing an apartment with a girlfriend and two guys when one of the guys caught her naked and masterbating through a gap in the door. I guess she should learn to make sure her door is closed properly before she starts tickling the taco! The video was pulled pretty quickly but I managed to find a copy, there's a link just below the picture...

Girl Caught Fingering

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I'm starting to see more and more sneaky cam footage of naked college girls appearing on the net. I guess the trend for same sex roommates has something to do with it. It's not often we are lucky enough to catch a girl actually fingering her pussy though. Although there are other videos like this out there. Check out the link below for some of the best ones...

More College Girls Caught Masterbating

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Girl Caught Playing With Herself On Hidden Camera

This hot teenage girl was caught playing with herself on a hidden camera planted in her hotel room. When the eighteen year old checked in with her mom and dad, the pervert hotel owner made an excuse that her room was ‘not quite ready'. That gave him the time to plant the video camera and set it running. I guess he was hoping to catch her undressing but he ended up with this stunning video of the hot teen masterbating!

Girl Caught Playing With Herself

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Capturing hidden camera footage like this is a risky business, especially where it involves teenage girls! That's why I'm all in favour of getting my hidden cam videos from the Internet. This one comes from a collection of vids I downloaded from a site called Risky Voyeur. I'm much happier knowing someone else is taking the risks. If you haven't seen the site before then check it out now on the link below...

Risky Voyeur - Hidden Cam Specialists!

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Teenage Girl Gets Caught Masterbating At Home

A teenage girl gets caught masterbating at home and the footage is posted on the Internet. It's a nightmare for the girl but, fortunately for her, the phone camera footage (taken through a gap in the window) is not really clear enough to identify her. However, despite the low quality, you can clearly see that she is almost naked and obviously masterbating.

Girl Gets Caught Masterbating

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This phone camera video comes from a collection of videos of girls caught masterbating in various locations. Some are sneaky phone cam vids like this one, some are taken with camcorders and others are from hidden spy cams. You can download the full collection on this link...

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Hot Brunette Girl Caught Masterbating On Camera

Today we have another girl caught masterbating on camera. This hot brunette was caught fingering her pussy after work by a secret hidden office cam. Everyone had left for the day and the girl was working late on her own when she got the urge to butter her muffin. Thinking the building was empty she was totally relaxed about slipping off her panties and masterbating right there in the office!

Girl Caught Masterbating On Camera

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Hidden office cameras are a great way to catch girls masterbating or even fucking when nobody is around. Most girls you ask will admit to having masterbated at work at least once. And with all the pervert janitors around setting up hidden cams and selling the footage to web sites, there are always plenty of new girls to be found. Just check out the link below for a whole load of office cam footage...

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