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Girl Caught Playing With Herself On Hidden Camera

This hot teenage girl was caught playing with herself on a hidden camera planted in her hotel room. When the eighteen year old checked in with her mom and dad, the pervert hotel owner made an excuse that her room was ‘not quite ready'. That gave him the time to plant the video camera and set it running. I guess he was hoping to catch her undressing but he ended up with this stunning video of the hot teen masterbating!

Girl Caught Playing With Herself

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Capturing hidden camera footage like this is a risky business, especially where it involves teenage girls! That's why I'm all in favour of getting my hidden cam videos from the Internet. This one comes from a collection of vids I downloaded from a site called Risky Voyeur. I'm much happier knowing someone else is taking the risks. If you haven't seen the site before then check it out now on the link below...

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Posted by Peeping Tom

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