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Today I want to share this link to a video of a cute teen caught masterbating in her college dorm bathroom. The awesome spy cam video captures the college girl fingering her pussy and masterbating with a vibrator. As the video starts off you see the girl come into the bathroom and immediately remove her skirt. She has obviously only gone in there for one reason - to pamper her pussy! She sits down on the closed toilet seat and begins by fingering herself before pulling a vibrator from her handbag...

Cute Teen Caught Masterbating

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Want more videos of cute teens caught masterbating in college dorm bathrooms? Of course you do, who wouldn't. Well, you might be surprised to find that there are more of these videos around than you would imagine. In fact there are tons of girls who use the dorm bathroom for masterbating as it's the most private place in the dorm - or so they think! To see these other videos of college girls caught in the act just follow this link...

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