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Welcome to Girl Caught Masterbating! This is my personal site where I post video footage of horny teens caught masterbating. From the first time I saw a hot teen girl caught masterbating on hidden camera I was hooked. Since then I have been collecting genuine hidden cam videos of girls caught in the act. If there is video footage of a teen girl caught masterbating then I've probably got it on my site. And I'm posting new stuff all the time. So enjoy your stay!

Teen Girl Caught Masterbating In Daddy's Office

Today's video download features this hot teen girl caught masterbating in her daddy's home office. When she went in there to look at porn on daddy's computer she had no idea that the family webcam had been hacked and was broadcasting to the Internet. The guy who hacked the webcam recorded this video of the teenager pulling off her jeans and stroking her pussy as she fixated on the flickering screen of the monitor. I have no idea what she was watching but it must have been good as she was soon writhing around having an explosive orgasm in her daddy's office chair!

Teen Girl Caught Masterbating

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Hacking webcams is a great new way to get to watch strangers in their own homes. It is relatively easy to hack a webcam so that it comes on and starts broadcasting to the Internet. And in these days when lots of teenage girls have webcams in their bedrooms you can imagine the sort of hot videos you can get. If you want to see some of these videos for yourself then click on this link...

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Cute Teen Caught Masterbating In The Bathroom

Today I want to share this link to a video of a cute teen caught masterbating in her college dorm bathroom. The awesome spy cam video captures the college girl fingering her pussy and masterbating with a vibrator. As the video starts off you see the girl come into the bathroom and immediately remove her skirt. She has obviously only gone in there for one reason - to pamper her pussy! She sits down on the closed toilet seat and begins by fingering herself before pulling a vibrator from her handbag...

Cute Teen Caught Masterbating

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Want more videos of cute teens caught masterbating in college dorm bathrooms? Of course you do, who wouldn't. Well, you might be surprised to find that there are more of these videos around than you would imagine. In fact there are tons of girls who use the dorm bathroom for masterbating as it's the most private place in the dorm - or so they think! To see these other videos of college girls caught in the act just follow this link...

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Girl Caught Masterbating On Spy Cam

Today's download features a hot girl caught masterbating on a spy cam in her hotel bedroom. A micro spy HD camera positioned above the bed was used to capture this top quality video footage. The girl in the video is really hot and you can see her settle down on the bed in just a camisole top and no panties. She starts off reading a magazine but soon puts it aside as she starts to rub her pussy with her fingers. It's not too long before the camisole comes off and she is completely naked fucking herself on the bed.

Girl Caught Masterbating

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This video shows just how good today's micro HD spy cameras are getting. If you were impressed with the quality then you should see the rest of the videos from this collection. You can watch them now on the following link...

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Video Of Girl Caught Masterbating In The Office

Check out this hidden cam video of a girl caught masterbating in the office. The hot office girl was caught using a vibrator at work when the sleazy janitor from her building installed a hidden camera above her desk. The guy had noticed that she was in the habit of locking her office door at lunchtime and decided to find out what she was up to. He got this video on the very first day after the camera was installed!

Video Of Girl Caught Masterbating

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This video is one of the best hidden cam videos I've come across (or should that be cum across?). The girl is well and truly caught in the act with her panties pulled to the side and a vibrator pressed against her clit. The camera picks up all the action and you can clearly make out her wet pussy lips as she masterbates furiously. She obviously needed this bit of personal stress relief. And the look on her face when she reaches her orgasm is priceless!

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Teen Caught Masterbating In The Shower

This hot blonde teen was caught masterbating in the shower by her boyfriend. The guy took this sneaky camcorder video of the girl masterbating with the showerhead one day when she hadn't bothered to lock the door. She was so caught up with her own enjoyment that she didn't notice him peeping through the crack in the door with his camcorder. I must admit I'd have been tempted to go in there and offer to help her out if it were me. But fortunately for us the guy was patient enough to let her finish and capture the whole thing on video. You can watch it now on the link below...

Teen Caught Masterbating

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This girl isn't the first teen to be caught masterbating in the shower. Lots of guys have caught their girlfriends, friends, sisters or sister's friends masterbating in their bathrooms. Having a spy cam in your bathroom for those times when girls come to visit is always a good idea. You never know what you might find! And if you want to see more videos that other guys have made in their bathrooms then check out this next link...

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